Philosophy and Mission.

Declaration of Philosophy

The American School believes that the family is the primary place of human raising and that the school’s role is to collaborate with the harmonious development of the whole person. We bebelive also, thet when parents freely choose the School, they are implicitly entitling the school and teachers entering in the family sphere, transforming us, in a certain way , in an extension of the family. In our view, it is from this point that derives the importance of working coordinately, with mutual respect and in communion with educational projects, between families, school and teachers.

The main values that our schoolpromotes and expects will guide the behavior of the overall community are: RESPECT-FRIENDSHIP-RESPONSABILITY-HONESTY-SOLIDARITY-PERSEVERANCE. As part of the School’s pedagogical strategies, we strive to instill solid values in all the subjects, concept of healthy life style, personal care, critical thinking etc. We are convinced that this in the best way to contribute to forming people who will be able to effectively face the changes and the development of information , which are aspects inherent to globalization and contemporary society.

Our work as an educational institution is focused on the student. We owe it to the student, and therefore it implies having a forward-looking approach that in contantly updated in order to adequately prepare our students for adulthood. We are interested in encouraging their early independent development, whose seal as graduates should be:

  • To have solid values in order to know how to solve moral dilemmas they will face.
  • To reach academic excellence that will prepare them for high level of competitiveness and a continuous learning process.
  • To live and work in a globalize world where English in essential.
  • To perform in a high technological context.
  • To have initiative , creativity and resilience.
  • To develop the ability of team work.

American School Family