Our History

The American School was founded in 1960 y ever since then it has been distinguished by:

  • The formation of strong values
  • For a high academic achievement
  • For an emphasis on a personalized attention to students, in a safe and familiar environment.

On October 18, 1961, the school was officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. In 1993, the Educational Society was transferred to its current owners, Fernando Orellana Fernandez and Claudia Garcia Orellana (ex student of The American School). In 1994, High School education was founded and in 1997 the school was moved to a complete scholar infrastructure, sheltered today in the sector of Alto La Paloma.

In 1997 the school also started its full school day and was moved to an equipped infrastructure located in the Valle Volcanes sector. In 2007, such construction is expanded under the model of “High Performance School Buildings”, which provides students with high standards of thermal, acoustic and lighting comfort; ventilation conditions and sustainable energy and efficiency, thus promoting learning and safety.

Around 90% of the students that have graduated from High School entered their first and second option in College according to their preferences and vocational interests.

In the SIMCE tests, our students get scores that place us among the first place schools in the country. Students from Pre Primary School get to obtain an early development of basic skills in reading, writing and pre mathematical calculation, which allows them to expand in a natural way their possibilities of deepening their knowledge and skills in other subsectors of learning in superior levels.

American School Family