Student Centre

Student Organization

The students get together in the context of a one and only Student Centre understanding that their organized participation in their school life allows the integration of different sectors of the school community, sharing similar goals and purposes, and realizing projects of mutual cooperation as well.

This supposes and implies that their activities must always agree with the targets and plans of the school, represented by the Department.

Purpose of the Student Centre

  • Actively integrate its members into a community inspired by principles, values and educational shared ideals, thus channelling their abilities, interests and individual personal skills.
  • Serve as spokesmen of all student’s concerns, building a bridge between teachers, Head Directors and students.
  • Organize student activities to work for the community that serves as an example of the values that The American School promotes.
  • Foster cultural and entertainment activities, both for the students as for all the members of the community, for example, School Days, Film Festivals, Concert Cafes.
  • Collaborate with the school Directors so that the relationship among students with the institution and with other members of the educational community is based on dialogues and values that are supported by the school.

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