Bilingual Students

The teaching of English is the fundamental focus of our academic activity. Therefore, this subject is taught from playgroup right through to fourth grade high school based on a Special Program that considers five hours of English lessons per week for each class in preschool education, eight hours for each elementary school class and six hours for each high school class. Thus we accumulate over 4,200 pedagogical hours of English so that when our students graduate they are independent users of English. In other words, they are confident using the main language structures, they show knowledge of an extensive vocabulary and apply communication strategies correctly in different contexts. Moreover, we hope that their understanding of spoken and written English will allow them not just to understand, but also to distinguish between main and secondary ideas, and between the details and specific aspects of a text. Furthermore, that they can write different kinds of texts, showing both the capacity to develop an argument as well as describe or narrate events.

Additionally, we are in favor of international exchange student programs; and students have found that it is an excellent experience to learn English. We are certain that the educational effect generated in the daily contact between host students and exchange students is of such magnitude and relevance that it is difficult to imagine any other activity that has the same educational consequences.

American School Family